Snacks and fatty foods can slow down testosterone production

Eating fast food can have a negative impact on testicular performance related to testosterone production, especially in obese and overweight men. This is the result of a research group at Flinders University that published their study on andrology.

The researchers focused in particular on the effects of dietary fat on testicular function and found that a meal taken in high-fat fast foods can lead to men who are already overweight or obese, reducing testosterone by up to 25% within an hour of eating the meal itself.

According to Kelton Tremellen, gynecologist and professor of reproductive medicine at Flinders, who co-authored the study with UniSA’s Karma Pearce, the observed decreases are probably more significant in obese or elderly men with low basal testosterone levels: “These men are likely to be put into a continuous hypogonadic state during waking hours when they frequently eat high-fat meals and snacks. This will clearly have a negative effect on their mental and physical well-being and probably also on their fertility potential.”

The same researchers, therefore, suggest minimizing the intake of fats and avoiding snacks between meals, especially if you intend to have children.